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Thank you to all those who attended and presented at our Annual Conference, which was held virtually July 23 2022.   We hope you found (or continue to find) the sessions, speakers, and materials interesting and valuable.  Self-paced access and activities are still available for purchase here.  Don't forget to complete your post-event feedback to receive CME and provide feedback for our conference next year. 


If you missed any session(s), recordings are available in a self-based course format and accessible under the “courses tab” after logging in to your account. Speaker slides, along with additional resources and references have been added. 

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Conference Sessions Include:

Comparative Options: The Medical & Surgical Approaches to Endometriosis

Dr. Yong and Dr. Whittaker present on the surgical, medical and multi-disciplinary management of endometriosis. Both physicians are trained in minimally invasive and restorative surgery but will present different options and approaches available in the management of endometriosis.  


Forming a panel after, the speakers will bring case examples and offer both surgical and non-surgical options for management.  We also open up to the audience for your questions, perspective and experiences.

Paul Yong, MD, PhD, FRCSC.

Gynaecologist & Research Director, 

BC Women's Centre for Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis, Vancouver, Canada. 

Naomi Whittaker, MD.


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA


"Ovarian Cyst in the Adolescent" - As part of our intro to "Ask Irrma" 

Lynn Keenan, MD.

Professor of Sleep and Internal Medicine UCSF/Fresno, California, USA. 

Updates from iNEST and STORRM

Growing Research in RRM

Joseph Stanford, MD, PhD.

Professor and Director,  Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine.

The Relationship between Mast Cells Endometriosis and Dysmenorrhea

w/ case presentation.

April Lind, MD.

Physician, board-certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  Integrative/Functional Medicine Consultant.  

"Hormone evaluation and treatments in early pregnancy - case presentations"

Phil Boyle, MD, MICGP, MRCGP.

Founder and Director of Neo Fertility.  IIRRM Board of Directors, President. 

Dublin, Ireland, USA.

Katarzyna Jankowska, MD, PhD, EAA, NFP MC.

Internal Medicine Specialist, Endocrinologist; Assistant Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Warsaw, Poland.

"Inhibin-B and FSH are the best indicators of spermatogenesis but not the best indicators of male infertility"

New Research  publication in Male-Factor Infertility

Dr. Suszczewicz presents their team’s new research investigating potential endocrine markers as prognostic factors in cases of male-factor infertility.

Results offered encouraging findings and outcomes, with 81% of pregnancies achieved through Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM).

Publication (Open access): Jankowska, K.; Suszczewicz, N.; Rabijewski, M.; Dudek, P.; Zgliczyński, W.; Maksym, R.B. Inhibin-B and FSH Are Good Indicators of Spermatogenesis but Not the Best Indicators of Fertility. Life 2022, 12, 511.

Natalia Suszczewicz, MD, OBGYN, FCP, CFCMC.

Obstetrician-gynaecologist, department of mini-invasive and endoscopic gynaecology, Military Institute of Medicine, Legionowo, Poland.  

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The First Global Summit for RRM

In collaboration with AIRRM and IIRRM, harnessing similar goals of providing reliable data, science, and quality healthcare we came together in February this yearfor a marathon 24-hour Global Summit to celebrate and further the work being done in restorative reproductive medicine and woman's health.


On Demand Access is now available!  The conference highlighted healthcare and research in RRM from 5 regions over the 24 hours.  If you attended or registered, access is complimentary. 


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Save the Date: The Next Global Summit is planned for February 23 2024!

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